Tate Kids - “What Is Gutai?” (animated sequences)

Pinterest - “Comp 101”

Head Start - “Recovering Confidence”

“Blue” (2015)

Mailchimp - “Bakers” Ident

NPR- “Clean Water Out Of Desert Air"

"Peregrine" (2020)

pinterest project illustrations for “total rewards”

Science Friday |
“Science Diction” promo gifs

Jelly London’s “VOOOTE” campaign

Daniela is a 2d animator/illustrator based in Tel-Aviv. She draws frames patiently + lovingly for all kinds of animation projects and shorts, including her independent films. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California (School of cinematic arts), and of the Royal College of Art, London.

Some of her clients: Adult Swim, Pinterest, Maichimp, NPR, The Atlantic, ACLU, The Barbican Centre, Warp Records, Science Friday Podcast, Harvard University and others.

She is also a faculty member at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. 



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animation director / illustrator